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Scottish Leader is a whisky of singular rich smoothness, with sweet, smoky flavours, benefiting from more malts and older whiskies. It is produced in batches to ensure the highest quality, by a single team of blenders dedicated to making Scottish Leader.<br /> <br /> DYNAMIC <p>With a PHD in Analytical Chemistry and nearly 20 years' experience in the Scotch Whisky industry, Dr Kirstie McCallum was the obvious choice to be the new Lead Blender for the Scottish Leader range. Her knowledge and passion for the industry and blend is unrivalled, and her dynamic, forward thinking outlook is the epitome of the 'new perspectives, richer possibilities' ethos held here at Scottish Leader, and the driving force behind our bright and innovative future.<br /> <br /> EXPERIENCED</p> <p>Scottish Leader has embraced a new collaborative approach in whisky making. Breaking away from the traditional structure  has opened us to a new, innovative, and progressive way of working, where each member of the 15-strong blending team contributes towards the combined 400years experience and plays a pivotal role in producing our award-winning, internationally respected blend. <br /> <br /> INNOVATIVE</p> <p>Scottish Leader is an unapologetically modern brand. We are unconstrained by the boundaries that heritage brings and so our drive to innovate is unbound and limitless. With our Lead Blender and team at the helm, our whiskies are of the best quality and plans for future releases are unique.<br /> <br />  </p> <p>“Scottish Leader is still a premium blended whisky, we're just evolving tradition. Our new perspective has given us diversity, innovation and standout, so we can stand even taller and prouder in the blended whisky market.”</p> <footer><cite>Kirstie McCallum, Lead Blender</cite></footer>