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ARARAT is Awarded with Gold at the World Spirits Award

The ceremony for The World Spirits Award, one of the most well-known and important competitions of the industry, took place on March 22nd. The legendary ARARAT Armenian Brandy won the gold medal as well as special recognition for ARARAT Ani.

The World Spirits Award is one of the most prestigious and anticipated competitions in the world of premium alcohol. Over 10 years of the competition’s existence, already hundreds of brands from over 30 countries worldwide have participated, but only the most deserving ones win a World Spirits Award.

Throughout the competition’s history, it has received the special attention of those who appreciate wine and strong alcohol and has entered the international arena to develop special traditions. This year, The World Spirits Award took place in Germany. The legendary ARARAT Armenian Brandy produced by the Yerevan Brandy Company won multiple gold medals while the subtle tastes of ARARAT Ani was given special attention.

2017 is an especially unique year for ARARAT Ani, which celebrates its 40th anniversary from the year of creation. The six-year-old ARARAT Ani opens the vintage range of the ARARAT brandies. This blend, named after Armenia’s capital in the Middle Ages - a worthy competitor to the stately Constantinople, Baghdad or Cairo - features a bright character with the flavor of citrus, dried fig, and sweet almonds and a dense, round taste. The juicy and fresh ARARAT Ani is ideal for those who value vivid emotions and experiences. Its composition will reveal new facets of brandy and emphasise the fullness of the moment. It will ideally accompany you in the pleasant get-togethers with the friends.

This year, ARARAT Ani is continuing the wonderful tradition of winning in the international competitions. Last year ARARAT Akhtamar won the gold medal at the annual San Francisco International Wine and Spirit Competition (SFIWSC).

Newly received medals are presented at the ARARAT Museum alongside the rich heritage of past awards. Currently, there are over 140 gold and silver medals kept there.

Source: Yerevan Brandy Company